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Fully tendered jobs

Looking for a quality construction contractor? Look no further than TotalQS! We provide tender services for your construction work, ensuring that you receive the best possible value for your money. First, the abstract design and group requirements are transformed into bid papers. These papers are then sent to vendors and subcontractors. The bids of the subcontractors are based on the design and other parameters. To give clarity, we organize interviews between the customer and subcontractor.

Why choose us for Tendered Jobs?

We have extensive experience in providing fully tendered services. With our knowledge and resources, we provide our clients with the best service possible. We aim to save your time and money by finding the most qualified construction contractor. Our team always selects the lowest-priced and highest-quality contractors. We evaluate their social value, track record, safety, and experience in addition to their price. We avoid favoritism and corruption to achieve more equitable outcomes.