Cost of health and safety management in building sites

Health and safety management is an essential part of building sites in New Zealand. Without proper management, the risks associated with the building can turn into costly liabilities. Building sites are dangerous places. They are chaotic and loud, they are dirty and they are full of risks. Many building workers have been injured on the […]

Role of quantity surveyors in sustainable infrastructures development

Quantity Surveyors (QS) are in charge of the infrastructure’s construction, maintenance, monitoring, and sustainability. QS monitors the design and construction of infrastructure. They are also responsible for ensuring that the work they do is done safely and correctly. It enables the development and deployment of sustainable technologies to minimize infrastructure’s environmental effects in New Zealand. […]

Factors influencing the cost planning of a public building project

Intro to the cost planning process The cost planning for a public building project is a complicated process. It involves the collection of ideas, creation of alternatives, weighing various options, prioritizing, selecting, and making decisions (e.g., allocating money between construction, maintenance, and management). It is a process that is repeated throughout the life of a […]

Factors Affecting The Selection Of Procurement Methods

In New Zealand construction projects, procurement methods are selected based on the set of criteria that best reflect how the project should be procured. Construction procurement is a complex field today. Procurement methods are important for the smooth functioning of a building project. This article will explore the procurement process and focus on factors affecting […]