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Role of quantity surveyors in sustainable infrastructures development

Quantity Surveyors (QS) are in charge of the infrastructure’s construction, maintenance, monitoring, and sustainability. QS monitors the design and construction of infrastructure. They are also responsible for ensuring that the work they do is done safely and correctly. It enables the development and deployment of sustainable technologies to minimize infrastructure’s environmental effects in New Zealand. Sustainable infrastructure is beneficial to society. QS are the first to accept grant proposals, they help secure funds for capital projects. They play an essential role in the awarding of public works contracts.

What is quantity surveying and who is a quantity surveyor?

Quantity surveying:
Quantity surveying is the practice of estimating how much a project will cost to get completed. The results of this calculation can be used to identify potential problems with the scope, budget, and time frames of a project and to help guide decisions about what scope can be achieved and when.
Quantity surveyor:
From the first calculations to the final figures, a quantity surveyor examines all expenses associated with construction and civil engineering projects. In an office or on-site, he works for the customer or the contractor. A QS manages the construction costs and contracts. He creates project estimates and expenses. He maintains track of any contract changes that may affect prices and creates reports to illustrate profitability while the project is in progress.

What is sustainable Infrastructure?

Infrastructure is the set of facilities that support a function or a process, that give a physical form to that function or process, or provide a means to deliver its output. The facilities can include roads, buildings, bridges, tunnels, power lines, pipelines, sewers, and storm water drains. As a multiclass, transactional system, infrastructure is based on the idea of processes that are designed to break down barriers or remove confusion so that the flow of traffic becomes easier and simpler. To function effectively, infrastructure designed to move people, goods, and information must be sustainable.
Sustainable Infrastructure:
Sustainable Infrastructure is the infrastructure that is designed to be enduring in the long term and that can last throughout a century of extreme climate change. It creates the conditions and spaces for people to live, work, do business, and socialize. Sustainable infrastructure is smart, safe, and high-performing. It is the infrastructure that serves all users, not just those of a particular company or industry, and that does not harm the environment. It provides the greatest public good for the greatest number of people, minimizing private gain and maximizing social benefit.

Why does Infrastructure need to be sustainable?

The foundation of our economy and culture is infrastructure. It supports the everyday activities of our country, from the basic needs of infrastructure for water, electricity, and sanitation to the more complex infrastructure for transportation, communication, and commerce. Over the years, infrastructure has become increasingly complex and is now required to deliver a range of services and functions. This has led to an increased demand for quality infrastructure that is sustainable, resilient, and efficient.

What is the role of quantity surveyors in sustainable infrastructure development?

Infrastructure development benefits the economy, and New Zealand’s journey ahead in this manner is through sustainable infrastructure. A quantity surveyor (QS) is essential in the development of environmentally friendly and energy-efficient infrastructure. To produce sustainable infrastructure, the QS must find a balance between durability and affordability. The role of QS in the construction industry is to ensure that the right materials are being used and the project specifications are being met. As such, the role of QS in the construction industry has a large impact on the sustainability of the industry. Deciding on the right materials to use is an important aspect of being a quantity surveyor. For example, using the right type of cement can have a large impact on the energy efficiency of a building.
Infrastructure development is a key component of any city, and the quality of that infrastructure is often the primary determinant of a city’s economic prosperity. However, the rapid pace of infrastructure development in today’s cities has led to a shortage of qualified infrastructure professionals, particularly in the area of quantity surveying. This has led to a growing demand for qualified quantity surveyors, who can perform quantity surveying services at a high standard and in a cost-efficient manner. This has, in turn, led to a boom in the number of quantity surveyors in the industry.

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